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Marketers have never had so much data at their disposal - and they’ve never been more at a loss as to how to use it. This leads to lost opportunities at best, and ineffectual, brand-devaluing efforts at worst.


The Data & Effectiveness team helps make brands matter by leveraging the right data assets in the right way in order to make more inspired decisions for our brands. Better decisions means creating more effective work more consistently. It means learning from the past to be better at influencing the future. It means looking for data-backed evidence on how to drive better business results. And it means more value for the agency - now and in the long run.


For us to harness data, we need to understand what it means. Our Analysts arm our teams by arming them with that understanding, and drawing useful implications that inspire the work.



The Analyst’s core responsibility is to our teams are consistently equipped with the necessary evidence to inspire decisions for our clients.



  • Help strategy development by helping find evidence to test its effectiveness
  • Culling actionable insights from quantitative data sets by performing basic structured analysis
  • Support in Creative development by spotting insights that can be used as a jump-off point
  • Identifying the right KPIs and performance benchmarks for communication efforts
  • Ensuring that analysis reports contain useful insights that can help improve performance


  • Maintain existing client relationships by delivering work that meets agreed quality standards


  • Support more senior Analysts in running day-to-day operations



  • Stay updated on the data & analytics landscape



  • 1-2 years experience in an Analytics post inside a Creative or Media agency; graduate of Statistics- or Engineering-leaning courses a plus
  • Have a working knowledge of Digital Analytics tools ( e.g. Google Analytics, native social analytics, social listening)
  • Have a working knowledge of paid and performance media
  • Basic interpretation skills for both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Basic data visualisation and report preparation
  • Basic knowledge of research and measurement methods
  • An understanding of fundamental communication and business principles