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Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

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Senior Account Manager


A senior account manager should be an experienced, broadly capable project and account manager who handles a wide range of assignments, projects and/or clients with a high degree of success and independence. She/he has strong client relationships and is considered a company leader.


A senior account manager has demonstrated high-level professional knowledge and skills.  She/he is able to manage several large accounts and/or a few smaller ones, with little top cover from her/his Associate Director or Director, as well as the staff assigned to the business.


A senior account manager is also a strategic thinker, able to set the strategic direction for his/her clients, provide strategic counsel to clients and internal teams and;


She/he should have strong project management, budgeting, counseling, programming, people management and business development skills with increased emphasis and demonstrated success in building business and people.  She/he has the confidence and support of client contacts and strong relationships with the client organization.


As a firm wide leader, a senior account manager demonstrates the ability and wherewithal to deliver on our vision, performance requirements and growth projections.  A senior account manager has strong relationships with and the confidence of the client.  There is no time limit on the senior manager position.



Account Management

A senior account manager meets all the responsibilities and expectations of an account manager and:

  • Sets and manages client expectations.
  • Develops and manages projects/programs, including implementation plans, evaluation mechanisms, staffing plans, budgets and timelines.
  • In managing account team ensures that work is delegated to the appropriate experience levels within the team structure.
  • Independently handles several accounts and/or major projects, directing much of the day-to-day work with assistance from more junior and senior staff as appropriate.
  • Is the client contact for the full account and ensures that agency points of contact grow over time.
  • Develops presentations for clients relative to project management/program status.
  • Ensures that the team(s) is appropriately informed and involved in projects.
  • Anticipates and leads in the resolution of emerging account problems.
  • Ensures that team can articulate and apply agency vision, goals, practice areas and capabilities.


Professional Skills

  • Has depth and diversity of account experience
  • Has full understanding of advertising marketing and a consistent track record of delivering the team’s suite of services to meet or exceed clients’ objectives.
  • Understands business trends for industry segment/products.
  • Responsible for overall development of campaigns/projects based on team input.
  • Directs development of range of materials developed by account team including client presentations, strategy decks, conversation calendar development, reports, measurement frameworks, WIP agendas and creative content.
  • Efficiently and effectively plans and manages large-scale projects and teams.
  • Applies specialized industry expertise to client work.
  • Has established strong relationships with partners from other disciplines outside of the team
  • Has strong presentation skills and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role in a wide range of presentation settings.
  • Is respected among clients and other departments within the agency and perceived as a senior lead for the account management team
  • Anticipates and develops solutions to client needs and problems.
  • Provides strong leadership in building effective, productive account teams.



  • Develops accurate project budgets and monitors them effectively.
  • Oversees timely development and distribution of bills and activity reports.
  • Follows-up with clients on collections and other financial and administrative details.
  • Completes timesheets daily and otherwise acts in accordance with company policies and procedures and ensures the same for the team.
  • Contributes to forecasting/projections done by more senior managers.
  • Meets billability targets and ensures the team does the same for their levels.
  • Is gaining awareness and understanding of our contractual agreements and their impact on agency procedures.


People Management

  • Participates with senior managers in hiring, assessment and career development activities.
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of direct reports and team members, providing day-to-day counseling on job performance and career development as appropriate.
  • Manages timely performance appraisals for direct reports, including setting goals and helping staff achieve them.
  • Helps direct reports prioritize and manage their workload, checking in at minimum once per week
  • Manages staff to maximize productivity and individual, team and financial performance.


Business Development

  • Provides leadership in growing existing accounts.
  • Identifies and pursues opportunities for developing new business within and across company offices and practice areas.
  • Provides leadership in developing and presenting new business programs for potential and existing clients.
  • Ensures that team contributes quality ideas and recommendations for new/expanded programs and proposals.
  • Delivers strong analyses, strategy and concepts to new program development.
  • Presents and discusses capabilities, based on knowledge of cases, products and services and ensures team understanding of this area.


Initiative and General Management

  • Is familiar with, and supports achievement of, the company’s vision and exemplifies the company’s values.
  • Routinely contributes to agency growth and performance as project, team, group and agency leader.
  • Manages people in effective, productive manner that also develops their skills and loyalty to the firm.
  • Delegates effectively.
  • Routinely develops and implements solutions when problems arise.
  • Assists peers in problem solving.
  • Leverages talents of colleagues in own problem solving.
  • Routinely seeks and shares information with colleagues.
  • Directs and facilitates others’ contributions to team, staff and client meetings.
  • Displays work ethic and values of the firm in day-to-day behavior.
  • Routinely invests in building agency and client accounts and resources.
  • Works with senior managers to identify and address supervisory training, leadership and career development needs.
  • Continually seeks new ways to learn and improve and contribute.
  • Participates actively in team, staff and client meetings



Every agency needs slightly different skill sets, so a Senior Account Manager needs a wide range of abilities. These include:


  • Significant experience in professional client relationship management
  • A solid background in advertising, design or marketing
  • A persuasive and confident approach to creative projects
  • Excellent written, powerpoint and oral communication skills
  • A keen attention to detail – most important
  • Full awareness of creative processes and techniques – including digital platforms
  • The willingness to note relevant trends and develop ideas


This is an office-based role that will require you to spend time in meetings and briefings, as well as staying in close contact with clients. It can be demanding, so real motivation is required to thrive. Working hours will be standard office times; however, deadlines may stretch this further.